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Wasteland | Sweet Devil!Russia x Reader
Wasteland | Sweet Devil!Russia x Reader
He's quite odd, isn't he?
That's the only thing you remember from a conversation with your friend. You can still hear it in your head. It's almost supersonic, bouncing painfully off of the walls of your aching cranium.
You rub your temples, still not used to how this place makes you feel.
Heavy footsteps make their way over to you sloppily. You sense his hands, pale and calloused as usual, wrap around your shoulders. Refusing to ease into it, you rip from his grip.
“You did this to me!” you scream, tangling your hands into your matted hair. You stare at the pale orange ground.
“I... I warned you,” he says, his voice low and full of concern.
He really did, but you didn't listen. You shake your head despite him being right.
“Now all I can say is this: Welcome to the Wasteland, mishka.”
You growl, letting yourself fall to the dirt. The rocks strewn about along the hardened soil stab at
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Cliche | Romano x Reader
Cliche – Romano x Reader
The morning light floats though the glass panes, drifting over, under, and around specs of hovering dust and flowing across the room towards a lump under the sheets. A groan emanates from the bedding. “Bastard sun...”
On the nightstand to the right of the bed, a phone vibrates. Groaning even louder, Romano rises like a vampire from his coffin and scoots over to the annoying object. Picking it up, he notices he got a text from ____________. Well that certainly changes his mood.
He smiles, the light showing off his dimples and olive-skin torso. The text reads: “Help!”
Panicking, he rapidly slams the various letters on the screen and hits send.
He waits in anticipation for the next text to arrive. After what seems like hours to him (which was really about twenty seconds), the reply came: “I think I've fallen for you!”
“That bastard,” Romano whispers to himself, sighing in relief.  He begins to laugh
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Love You More! | Prussia x Reader
Love You More! | Prussia x Reader
The room was quiet. So quiet that you could hear the house settling under the sound of the stereo at low volume.
Du... Du hast... Du hast mich.
It was then that you knew that he was up to something. Through that calm gaze you could see a plot fit for an evil mastermind. Your gaze shifted to the rectangular clock on his nightstand. The red numbers indicated the time was past midnight.
“Hey, guess what, _____________.”
It begins.
“Hm?” You said, burying your face into the fluffy, white pillow, only to dig it out mere seconds later as the need for oxygen came quicker than you imagined.
“You.” Prussia crept closer to you, a smirk playing on his features. “Are.” You became still, awaiting his next move. Anticipating and excited – you wondered what he had planned. The look in his eye held sweetness within its alarming hue, no indicator of the first thought that crossed your mind.
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Words | France x Reader
Words | France x Reader
It's Friday night. What could you possibly be doing on a Friday night, with France none the less?
Reading horror stories, of course!
Yes! The both of you love reading horror stories and watching films of the same genre. It's become a Friday night tradition over the modern years, save for the times when the two of you couldn't meet up. Tonight is a lucky night – it's been three weeks since the duties the you both carry have finally let up like a fog.
A few hours ago, you had met up at the rendezvous place in Paris – a small cafe that you both could spend hours in just talking the day away – and walked to his place after picking up a bite to eat. Simple, but honestly? It was perfect.
France is reading aloud one of his personal favorite horror stories: “Words.” He mentioned it being written by someone he knew but never gave a name. The story also looks pretty short. You don't recall ever reading this before, so maybe it couldn't
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Dew | France x Reader
Dew | France x Reader
Francis always had a way with words.
He could weave them together into the most gorgeous poem you had ever heard. Within their web you could find the deepest meaning you had ever found.
Francis was talented. Everyone knew that.
On one particular morning, the Frenchman had set out on a walk. He bid his fluffy cloud of a cat goodbye and went to a bakery to buy some bread. The store keep complimented the weather. Francis chuckled, mentioning how last night's England-like rain could never damage the beauty of his country.
“I heard the park is a great place to take in the beauty,” the man said, handing Francis the freshly-baked bread. Of course he agreed; why wouldn't he? And as expected, France took a walk to the nearest park.
He noticed that you were sitting on a park bench. All alone, at that. He took in a breath as if he was trying to ward away stage fright, then made his way over to your lonely side.
With his words he had won himself a pl
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France x Reader x Spain | Sugar, We're Goin Down
Sugar, We're Going Down — Ex-Boyfriend!France x Reader x Spain
Francis sighs to himself as decades-old music flows from his ear buds to his ears. He misses you, no doubt about that, and he cannot bear to see you so happy with another man – a man whom so happens to be a close friend of his: Spain.
That makes him all the more bitter towards the situation.
He takes a large swing from his bottle of wine and looks out at the gorgeous city of Paris. But not even the hum of vehicles below him or the chatter of citizens and tourists on the streets could numb his pain. Nor could the Eiffel Tower so beautifully illuminated in the clear night sky or the white light of the moon reflecting smoothly off the metallic railings of his balcony. Nothing in Paris, or the world, could possibly match your beauty. He knows that all to well.
France wants to win you back into his careful embrace, but he knows he never could. Not after the fight that tore the two of you apart, oh goodn
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The Butlers | America x Reader x England
The Butlers | Demon!Butler!America x Reader x Demon!Butler!England
“Oh, how original, the butler did it.”
You stared at the kitchen floor. More specifically, at a dead body with soulless eyes. “Alfred, did you take another soul?”
“He was on the grounds, ma'am,” he said almost sarcastically, his blue eyes gleaming with violent desires. He was much more malevolent than your other butler who stood a bit closer to you than Alfred.
“He was the mailman, you twat!”
You glared at Arthur. “Watch that mouth.”
“Don't tell me what to do,” he snapped back.
And thus an argument ensued between the red-haired demon and you.
Alfred watched, amused at first, but annoyance soon took over and he shouted, “Would you two shut up?!”
As if on command, the mouths of both you and Arthur shut.
Arthur scratched near his horns. “So, where do we hide the body?”
“Beats the h
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2P!Germany x Reader | Bun in the Oven
Bun in the Oven | Husband! 2P! Germany x Reader
“Finally,” was all you could breathe out as you stared at the small but effective test in your hand. You put it down on by the sink gently and quickly fixed your appearance.
When you were satisfied, you took the evidence and plowed your way into the living room where Lutz sat comfortably on the couch, jamming away at the buttons on the Playstation controller. He seemed absorbed in his game – he was playing Dead Island – and didn't notice your almost barbaric entrance into the room.
You tapped his shoulder to which he made no response as his character decapitated zombies with a machete.
Sighing, you went around the couch and sat next to him. His face was contracted and fully concentrated, his shoulders were high and his eyes were glued to the television. A few empty bottles of beer surrounded him, as well as an empty bag of chips. You noticed some stray chip crumbs around
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APH | Before the Storm | Ch 3
WARNINGS: Cursing, dark themes, alcohol use (If there's anything I missed, please let me know!)
Night time is the worst time in a world like this. The chances of thieves, marauders - and what's worse: paid mercenaries - coming to your door is heightened, especially around midnight. Transylvania, with a bit of force, guides me to the basement she prepared under her base. The sound of iron scraping against itself echoed around the chamber. Darkness surrounds us; the air sticky.
A flame comes to life on a large stick. She places the light source on the wall, illuminating the small room. There's a hammock draped from the ceiling and a sleeping roll on the floor. If the walls aren't lined with shelves filled to the brim with canned food and questionably fresh water, there are miscellaneous supplies of a medical or defensive sort against the metal enclosures.
"Impressive," I mumble, knowing she'd hear me anyway. "Build this yourself?"
She's silent for a moment. I can tell she's puttin
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APH | Before the Storm | Ch 2
WARNINGS: Cursing, dark themes (esp in later chapters)
Argh, my head...
I gingerly lift my skull up to scope the camp I had set up th-
...Oh yeah, forgot about that.
It's as if a witch began stirring her cauldron in my stomach - twisted and spiteful her intents. My eyebrow twitches and my eyes narrow. Thoughts twist and turn in my head as I question what the hell exactly happened before I blacked out. But I suppose I was too quick become a salty fucker because I just came to the realization that my vision is blurry as all hell. I rub my eyes to clear my sight in vain; that did nothing. But while my vision remains handicapped for... God knows how long... my nose is functioning as usual. It picks up the scent of a freshly-made soup of some sort. Now, I would smile, but unfortunately, I'm about to have some words with the chef. I hear footsteps approach.
"Oh, Ireland, you're awake!"
I grimace. My muscles are still weak - I can't seem to sit up the whole way. Instead,
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APH | Before the Storm | Ch 1
SUMMARY: Ireland drags himself through a post-apocalyptic nightmare where betrayal, enemies, deadly debris lay around every corner. In the endeavor to find an old friend among the crumbling buildings of Cluj-Napoca, he finds a dart on his shoulder and new-found anger among his darkening vision.
WARNINGS/INFO: This is rated Mature for dark themes, cursing, violence, and alcohol use. (If not in current chapters, these plan to be used in future ones.) Please note that this is a story mostly centered around my Hetalia fan characters, however it's planned that canon characters will appear in later chapters.
The buildings were people once slaved to earn their daily wage lay crumbled in the dusty, orange light. The city is hallow and lifeless; its organs hacked out and corpse left to rot in the glaring sun.
A pool of water (I guess?) ripples as debris swept in from the recent rain dribbles over its surface. The liquid begins to boil and the debris dissipates. I suppose that wasn
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Coffee Mayhem - Austria x Reader
** This story is agender-friendly [as well as all genders, respectfully], as there are NO pronouns being used for the reader!
Please enjoy this story! It's my first reader insert in a long time, as well as my first post to this account! <3
Oh no...
You turn around, your face turning a ghostly pale upon meeting the origin of the sound. Let's just say that, for one, a coffee maker is now shattered in a million, sharp pieces all over the marble floor. Why is that a problem? Well... that was Austria's coffee maker; a very state-of-the-art glass one that he used every day. You remember the day he got it; he wouldn't shut up about it. So, not only did you manage to break it, but the sound has no doubt stirred the sleeping Austrian. You have about five minutes before he reaches his kitchen in a bathrobe that he frantically threw on in his wake.
But first... how did this happen?
This is going to take a l
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